FIX WinRAR Diagnostic Message Checksum Error During Extraction

If you are trying to extract a RAR file and WinRAR showing you an error message like this...

WinRAR: Diagnostic messages

Checksum error in "" The file is corrupt.

Then read this post because in this post I share 5 methods to fix WinRAR Diagnostic messages or Checksum errors.

How to FIX WinRAR Diagnostic message Checksum error

Method 1

  1. Open the Run window in your PC,
  2. Type %localappdata% & hit OK,
  3. Now find CrashRpt folder here and Delete this folder,
  4. Then try to extract the RAR file again,
  5. If the file is extracted successfully then stop here, but if not then try the other methods shared below.

Method 2

Sometimes the antivirus software installed on your PC, delete some files from RAR files while you try to extract them, So you need to do these settings before you extract the archive files for a successful decompression.
  1. First of all, disable Windows Security or any other Antivirus you're using for the time being,
  2. Now extract the compressed file with WinRAR.
  3. Done!

Method 3

WinRAR Diagnostic messages can appear because the rar file is damaged, so you need to repair it before you extract it.

Here are the steps to repair a RAR file.
  1. Open the RAR file with WinRAR,
  2. Select the folder(s) and Repair them and then try to extract the.rar file.

Method 4

Open WinRAR -> Help -> About in your PC. Are you using the latest version of WinRAR?

If not then follow the below steps.
  1. Uninstall WinRAR older version from your Windows Computer,
  2. Download WinRAR Latest Version,
  3. Install it and try to extract the file again.

Method 5

  1. Download & Install 7-Zip
  2. Extract the file using 7-Zip
  3. Done!

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