RAR Password Unlocker | How to Crack WinRAR Password 2023

However, you can’t able extract encrypted RAR archive files with a password using any file compression utility software like WinRAR and 7-Zip.

But it does not mean you can’t crack RAR file password.

Here are some of the methods to remove/break the unpacking passwords from RAR files, depending on the password difficulty.

Deleting RAR Password with CMD

If the RAR file size is bigger to upload online then you can access RAR file data with the help of the CMD tool that is already installed in your Windows operating system to crack WinRAR passwords.

This method is BEST to know the password of a RAR if the password only contial numerical values.
  1. First of all, Download the RAR_Password_Recover.bat file from above link,
  2. Open this .bat file after downloading,
  3. Now type the RAR file name [ending with .rar] you want to unlock, 
  4. After entering the file name, type the RAR file path (location),
  5. It will take some time depending on the password defilicty,
  6. After that it will give you the stable password of your RAR file,
  7. Done!

Crack RAR Password Online

If you have a good internet connection and the RAR file size is small then you can go with this method to recover passwords from the RAR files.
Here are the steps you need to follow.
  1. Open your favorite browser and visit LostMyPass.com
  2. Upload the RAR archive file you want to unlock [Note:- Maximum size =100MB]
  3. Depending on the RAR file password difficulty, the time taken to recover the password can be fast or slow.
Note:- WinRARLover doesn’t recommend you to use this type of online rar/zip files password recovery websites services if your RAR or ZIP file contains personal or sensitive information, which is unsafe to publish on this type of site, because your data may be copied.

Unlock RAR Password using PassFab

In this method you need a paid software to get the password of a RAR file called PassFab.
Here are the steps to follow.
  1. Download PassFab software,
  2. Install it and Open PassFab,
  3. In the interface of the PassFab application, select Add to upload the file to destroy the winrar pass, then click Start to proceed to unlock your file.
  4. Done! Hope it work for you.

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