2024 ▷ Extract/Open RAR File in Windows, macOS, Android [How to]

Just download or received a .rar or .zip file but don't know how to unzip it, then you are on the right blog. 

Select your device below and get your problem solution of How to Open RAR file.

How to Extract RAR on Windows PC

If you have a RAR or a Zip file on your Windows PC then you need archive file opener software to open that rar file.

You can choose one from the BEST RAR or Zip File Extractor for Windows list available on WinRARLover.

Because .zip files are more common than .rar files, Windows Operating System offers you an inbuilt feature to open a .zip file.

But, what about .rar files?

Here are the steps to convert the RAR file to Folder in Windows computer.

  1. Download & Install WinRAR
  2. Right-click on the .rar or .zip file you want to unzip/unrar.
  3. Now simply click on Extract here option.
  4. Done! Your rar or zip file is successfully extracted into a folder.

How to Extract RAR on macOS

For macOSX, there are limited applications are available for opening RAR files. In addition, macOS provides you an inbuilt Archive Utility Program to extract archive files [RAR, Zip...] without installing any other application on your Apple MacBook. 

You can get more information about TOP RAR file Opener for macOS here.

Open RAR File Using The Unarchiver

Here I am taking The Unarchiver app to show you how you can decompress a .rar or .zip file on a Mac PC.
  1. Download & Install The Unarchiver from Mac App Store,
  2. Now open The Unarchiver,
  3. Then click on File on the menu,
  4. Choose any of Unarchive to Current Folder [if your RAR file is in the current folder], Unarchive to Desktop [if your RAR file is RAR file on desktop], or Unarchive to [if your RAR file is on a specif location on your Mac computer]
  5. Select the file you want to extract, then click on Unarchive,
  6. Now The Unarchiver asks you to select the location/path, where you want to extract the RAR file,
  7. Extracted .rar or .zip file should show up as a folder named after the original file archive.

How to Extract RAR on Android

To open a RAR file on Android Smartphone you can follow these simple steps.
  1. First of all, Install RAR app from the Google Play Store,
  2. Now open RAR application & select the archive file you want to Open,
  3. Click on the Extracting icon from the top menu,
  4. Then choose the destination path for the RAR file
  5. And click on OK
  6. Done! your .rar or any other compressed file extracted successfully.


How to extract multiple RAR files at the same time in Windows?

First, download and install WinRAR

Right-click after selecting all the rar files you want to extract and then click on Extract files... or Extract here.

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